Phasmophobia is a four-player cooperative online psychological horror game created and published by Kinetic Games in which players act as paranormal investigators undertaking contract work in haunted locations. Each location is home to one ghost and players must gather as much evidence as they can. The more you uncover, the greater the monetary reward. The catch, of course, is that these ghosts are aggressive and will attempt to kill the players if they can. The game was released in early access on Steam in 2020, and has currently (as of November 2022) not yet had its full release.

This game has been really important to me over the past year or so, not only because it's insanely fun, but it's also become a regular way for me to connect with family that I'm unable to see as much. Yeah, no really! Even my Mum plays. She's actually pretty good.

Of course it is a brilliant game too! I've never been one for horror games in the past as I usually find them too scary, and while Phasmophobia certainly is frightening, there's also something about it that keeps me coming back. Part of it is definitely the adreneline rush I get from doing the really dangerous stuff and there's nothing like the feeling of successfully escaping the ghost during a hunt. That and the fact that the developers are adding and changing things all the time. It's been beautiful to watch the game come together and improve in the way that it has, as much as it's also been hilarious discovering all the weird bugs whenever a new update happens.

There's also just so many new things to do each time we play, from completing daily or weekly challenges to slowly upping the difficulty level. We now play on one of the hardest difficulties with very little trouble. For me part of the fun of this game is playing with others. It makes the whole experience a lot less intense, less challenging, and all the more funny when things inevitably do go wrong.