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Personal Sites

Sadgrl AntiKrist Key's Klubhouse Bun Go Love Tiny Kale Chips Pixel Glade My Thunderstorm Mika Orange Cinni Apple Dust Artwork Get Cubed Shishka Only Wonder Kite Creature Eggramen Nalfae Zoid Art Rivendell Brugmansia Manor Tarocchilla Sukiyaki City Lavender and Black Roses Macaque Cybernetic Dryad Oudkee's Corner Lost Letters

Web Design

GifCities An archive of animated gifs.
Gify Pet Get an interactive pet for your webpage.
W3Schools Provides tutorials on HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Notepad ++ A free code editor.
Web Badges World An archive of web badges.
Internet Bumper Stickers An archive of bumper stickers.
Wave Scans your site and assesses its accessibility.

Mental Health

Pixel Thoughts A 60-second meditation tool.
Purrli Enjoy the sound of a purring cat.
Tree FM Listen to a random forest.
You Feel Like S**t An interactive self care guide.

Fun Things

Bongo Cat Just trust me with this one.
Pointless Sites Directory of absolutely pointless sites.
Neal.Fun A bunch of weird/cool sites.
Way to Go A game about running.
Window Swap Open a window somewhere in the world.


12ft Will try to remove the paywall on any site or article.
Wiby A Search engine for the old web.
Piskel Make pixel art offline or in your browser.
Photoscape Free image editing software.
Pronoun Dressing Room Lets you try out alternative names or pronouns and see how they read.