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If you'd like to get in contact with me or want to tell me your thoughts on the site, leave a comment below. All fields are optional, but if you do have a website I'd love to see it!

All comments are moderated first, so it may take a few days for yours to appear.

I saw your teeny tower room in Key's guestbook and I thought it was great and added it to my own tower with a link back here! Just wanted to let you know. :3


Thank you! I love your rooms too!

Hello!! Really pretty website - I love the colors :) your paintings are gorgeous!!

Dropped in from! Love how neat and organized your site looks~

I came to see your pixels, which are great! I love your photography, too! <3


Been here! You have very detailed pixels. <3


your site is so well designed! it feels very cozy and easy to look at, and i had a lot of fun looking at your collections :)


Thank you so much! I'm so glad you think it looks cozy. That was my aim :)


hi, poked around and saw your art and your shrines, i think they are neat ^-^


Thank you!


Just noticed my gay little Pisces badge in your toybox... I feel so honored


I really love your pisces badge ♥

Hi!! I love your website, I especially enjoy your art and shrines. So inspiring and fun. Your postcard collection is also very lovely :3 I added your button to my site!
I hope you have a great day

Thank you so much for the guestbook message! I honestly love your collection. I hope everything goes ok with you and that you have a wonderful day! :3

Also, your paintings are so pretty! I've always wanted to paint, but my hands can't stand to get "dirty", so I would rather enjoy other paintings instead, and yours are no exception!

Aisha / LoveTiny

AAHH I love the Enterprise pixel art piece you have made!! Gorgeous, I adopted it to my toybox ♥


Oh my gosh! Thank you! Your tutorial first got me into pixel art, so this feels like a real honour

thanks for the guestbook message! you're site is really cool, I like the layout and I really enjoyed looking at all your creations!


Ayyyy bro thanks for the guestbook message 💪 checking yo site out


your art is so cool! also i love the logo you made for your site :]


Thank you so much!!

I really enjoyed your postcard collection and website overall. The collection made me think of Postcrossing, a website where people exchange post cards all over the world. I've done it a couple times in the past and really enjoyed learning about places from a stranger's perspective. I thought you might enjoy it, so I wanted to drop a note in your guestbook. Take care!

Thank you for the follow. I really like your patch and postcard collections! It makes me want to add pages for my own irl collections. =3 I hope you're having a great day!

Thanks so much for the follow! And especially thank you for checking out my comic. Your website is funky :]

Your paintings are lovely! I also dig the color scheme of your page. Very pleasing.