Afternoon Tea Club

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This pixel art club was started by Lost Letters as a tribute to the kawaii pixel art forum, Teahouse MB. To view more teacups or find out how to make your own head over to their site. If you're going to use anything here on your own site, make sure you link back to the creators.

A blue teacup with an octopus sitting in it A teacup filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream A teacup filled with a fizzy golden drink A teacup with a cloud pouring rain into it from above A teacup filled with plants A teacup with Totoro and a soot sprite from My Neighbour Totoro sitting in it A teacup filled with purple liquid and a teabag with RIP written on it A teacup filled with toxic looking green liquid A teacup with a lit flame in it A rainbow coloured teacup filled with white swirls A teacup with a pineapple in it A teacup filled with pink cream

My Teacups

A teacup full of iced tea A teacup full of twinkling stars
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