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My miscellaneous collection of graphics and adoptions from around the web. If you see something of yours that hasn't been credited or you want taken down, please let me know.

A small crab A small avatar of Lyn from Fire Emblem A small avatar of Marth from Fire Emblem The Starfleet comms badge from Star Trek: The Next Generation A siamese cat A red and white tamagotchi A bouncing gif of Link from The Legend of Zelda A bouncing gif of the pokemon Sylveon A bouncing gif of the pokemon Nidorina A bouncing gif of the pokemon Growlithe A pink nintendo switch A pot of 'deadly nightshade' from The Nightmare Before Christmas A unicorn flopped down on the ground like a toy A blue skull gif that loops to show two ghostly shapes float out of it's eye sockets A prancing tiger A gif of Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro blinking The light blue Among Us character A tamagotchi of the pokemon Eevee A green skull with a pink heart next to it A gif of Eevee from Pokemon blinking and moving its ears A cutesy green blob A purple unicorn possum A yellow unicorn possum The shield from The Ledgend of Zelda Pikachu from pokemon running on a pokeball A gif of Totoro and the two smaller creatures from My Neighbour Totoro A green haired anime style fairy A doll of Jim Kirk from Star Trek A doll of Spock from Star Trek The NASA logo Dragonair from Pokemon A blue shark skeleton An ouija board A cat with a flower on its head A rainbow coloured isopod An isopod with the trans pride colours A white dog with a black emo fringe and red collar A blue and white dog with rainbow hair and leg warmers A siamese cat A girl riding the cat bus from My Neighbour Totoro A large sitting tiger with the words 'Happy Chinese New Year 2022!' written next to it An artistic design for the star sign Pisces A bouncing pikachu from Pokemon

Dragon Cave

Aeria Gloris Dragon Script Dragon Falconiform Wyvern Astralophyne Dragon
Sunbeam Drake Painted Ray Pygmy Aqualis Dragon Antarean Dragon
Mistra Dragon Lightning Pygmy Terrae Dragon Sunsong Amphiptere
Seawyrm Pygmy Royal Blue Dragon Labradorite Dragon Celestial Dragon


Vulpix Nidorina
Dragonair Growlithe
Persian Quilava
Vaporeon Sandslash

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