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My collection of web badges, sorted by size. If you see something of yours that hasn't been credited or you want taken down, please let me know.

80 x 15

'Asexual' 'Cannot cope' 'Hand coded' 'Notepad-made' 'I'm a boy girl' 'Chaotic good' 'Queer'
'Trekkie' 'Pisces' 'Pride!' 'Androgynous' 'Firefox' 'Aromantic'
'Fuck gender' 'Nonbinary' 'Try vegan' 'Library' 'A row of soot sprites from the Studio Ghibli films' 'Duck Duck Go'
'I love MP3' 'Anarchist' 'I'm a girl boy' 'I dream in pixel' 'No planet B' 'Spaaaaace'

88 x 31

'LOL' 'Sweet Homepage' 'Coded with pride' 'Non-binary becasue I'm not a robot'
'Pokemon' 'Get Firefox' 'Made with Notepad++' 'Forever online'
'No Nazi, no fascism, no racism' The pride rainbow 'Loser on Neocities'
'Paywalls gatekeep knowledge' 'Trans your gender' 'Gameboy'

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