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Archived here is all past news and updates. As with the rest of the site, dates are written in the Day/Month/Year format.


Took a while, but the pins & patches page of my collections is up. Just the third one left to do now. I'm not gone, just struggling to find the motivation to code at the moment, but we'll get through it.

The first of my personal collections is up. The rest will be along at some point, when I have the time and energy. In addition, I've added a Pixel Clubs page, with collections from the clubs/cliques I've so far joined. I've also added a Latest Art section on the homepage, to showcase my most recent creations.

All the shrines have been redone to look a bit more polished and a few new bits have been added to them as well. I've also compressed all the larger images in the galleries, so they hopefully should load a bit quicker now.

Nearly all the old pages are now back up in the new layout. Just one more left to redo. I've also added a new feature which pauses all GIFs by default, using freezeframe.js open_in_new and Bechno Kid's tutorial open_in_new.

Additionally, I've made a new guestbook, as I was no longer happy with having to link to an external guestbook and wanted to have only one place for people to message me. All entries from the old guestbook and Cbox have been transferred into the new one. If you want to know how I made this guestbook, check out Sadness' tutorial open_in_new.

A couple more pages have been re-added including my pixel art page. There's a few new pieces there too.


After a much longer than expected hiatus, I'm back with a whole new layout! It's going to take a little while to move everything over so quite a few links will be broken for the time being. Check the Site Map to see which pages are working. I'm also using this time to remove a few pages I'm no longer happy with and redo a few others. Your patience is appreciated!

Changed the site navigation a little bit and added a small entry in the journal.

Updated the homepage and my bio. Also finally got around to sorting through some of my older photos, so they are up now as well along with a couple of new ones.

Quite a big update today. Moved a few things around. Shrines are now in the about section. Links have been split into separate pages and are categorised a little differently. There's also a new journal entry.

It's my birthday so the site's getting some colourful confetti. Will be changing it back in a few days.

Updated the graphics pages. Added a new page for web badges.

The Afternoon Tea Club page is up, along with my teacup collection. I've also added a gifts section on the pixels page for art I've made for others.

Made a couple of pixel teacups for Lost Letters' Afternoon Tea Club. Will be making an actual page for it at some point and plan to add some teacups that others have made. There's also a new journal entry.

New journal entry added.

No major changes at the moment. Just tidying a few things up.

Dropping back in after a short hiatus with a new collections page for my pins.


Made some more changes to the layout. I'm hoping I might stick with this for a bit longer. Also added a splash page.

Changed the layout of the homepage.

Added a personal entry in the journal.

Working on a new shrine for the game Phasmophobia.

Two new pages (Backgrounds and Pixels) added for my digital creations.

New journal entry about the latest TV series I loved.

Added a Graphics section. Moved the toybox and fanlistings pages there. Also added two new pages for stamps and blinkies.

Moved the Journal to the About section.

Redesigned The Terror shrine.

Small personal update in the journal.

Updated my bio and moved it onto a seperate page in the About section. Changed the art and photo galleries so that you can now view each image larger on the page. The large images may still take a minute to load on some devices.

Updated the homepage. Added a chat box as a more casual way for visitors to say hi. Drop a message to me if you'd like.

Added a Toybox page for adoptables and other graphics I like.

New page added in my Collections. This time about my postcards.

Small personal update in the journal.

Still moving things around to make navigation easier. Added a new journal entry yesterday, but forgot to update.

New journal entry added. Also redesigning a few things on the site. The layout may change a bit over the next few days.

Moved my cats' bios and fanlistings to seperate pages to make it look a bit neater.

Added the first of my personal collections. More to come at some point.

Attempting to make the site responsive. It's not 100% there yet but it's something. Added a few new pieces to the Creations pages.

Working on a new D&D shrine.

Added a journal entry with a couple of new pieces of art. A proper digital art page is still in the works (along with everything else!)

Added a Sitemap. Moved my contact details to the Links page. Also, the link to the credits page is now in the footer.

Moved a few things around. Fanlistings and contact details are now in the About page, along with a slightly different bio - my cats are there too! Added a coming soon section to give an idea of what will be added in the future (and because I keep loosing track of what I'm working on!)

Tweaking a few things in the code to make stuff clearer and more accessible. Shrine is now responsive. Just have to work out how to do it with the rest of the site.

Started an online Journal. Not sure how regularly I'll update it yet. We'll see.

Major construction work over. The site should now be easier for me to update. Added an About page. I also now have a button and I've added some buttons from other sites to the Links page. More to be added soon.

Moving some things around. Parts of the site will probably look a bit funky for a day or so.

First shrine is up. More will be added to it at some point but I'm feeling too lazy right now and I have ideas for other shrines.

Added a Photos page.

Moved the Art page. It's now in the Creations section. More art has also been added.

Changed the layout again (oops). Added a Shrines page. Updated the Fanlistings page.

Gave the site a makeover. Added a Credits page.

Added an Art page.

Added a Links page.