My Cats

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I have two little feline fur babies and they are my world.


A long-haired black cat

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Aliases: Ji, Sweet Pea, The Jiister, Mama Jiji

Owner of the single braincell and an absolutely magnificent beard. Jiji is a free spirit who chooses when and how to recieve affection. When he does, it's the sweetest thing you've ever seen. He doesn't meow much, only squeaks when he wants attention.

Likes: Running water, catnip, keeping everyone clean, quiet places, watching sci-fi shows (especially when the spaceships go whoosh!)

Dislikes: Loud noises, having his brother too close to him, being picked up or held.


A short-haired pale ginger cat with a white front

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Aliases: Cal, Squidge, Monkey, Stupid Ears (reserved only for my Dad)

There are no words to describe how truly stupid this boy is. Sometimes he spaces out and you can tell that his body is waiting for instructions from his brain to actually do something. He's a total attention seeker and will cry and cry if he doesn't get the cuddles and kisses he constantly needs. His purrs sound more like snorts and his yowls could probably break glass if he tried.

Likes: Playing chase, food, getting kisses on the head, attacking his brother, eating things he shouldn't.

Dislikes: Being ignored, the vets, seeing Jiji get literally anything, when it's not dinner time but he wants it to be.

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